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Q: Can I start at a higher paying trip or skip any Cash Rally GPS Trips?
A: No, you cannot. Everyone joins at Basic 4 Miles GPS.

You will progress to the higher Trips after starting at The Basic 4 Miles GPS, you can purchase Higher Trips at any time, after each previous trip.

Q: Why upgrade to Higher Trips as fast as I can?
A: You make more money faster. If you want to make Hundreds to Thousands in Payments All Day, Everyday, progress through The Higher GPS Trips.


Q: How many accounts may I have?
A: One, no exceptions.

Q: How many ad packs can I buy?
A: As many as you want

Q: How much is it to join Cash Rally GPS?
A: A $20 One-time payment (plus a $2 processor).

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: No Refunds. Period.

Q: How many Trips does the program go?
A: 8 separate earning levels or Trips (click here
Cash Rally GPS).

Q: How do I get paid?
A: Within 24 hrs. of request via Payza or Solid Trust Pay

Q: What is your site description?
A: We sell non refundable advertising and have affiliates who earn a commission when they make sales and complete our compensation plan guidelines. We may, at our descretion, throw a good download or two in the back office if it is revelant and NOT run of the mill JUNK, as a bonus.

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Q: Is there a limit on how many I can refer?
A: No, there is no limit (the more you refer, the larger your Destination Payouts will be).

Q: Can I PIF or Pay Forward members?
A: Yes, there is no limit (the more you refer, the larger your Destination Payouts will be).

Some savvy members will PIF members in order to earn the 100% Match.

Q: What's the Best PIF Strategy or Team Build to use?
A: This is completely up to you. We offer an example for illustration only.

You and everyone in a specific Team Build plan on a Cash Rally GPS ripple of 5.


PIF of Five:

Each person agrees to PIF 5 members in order to be a part of your Team Build (total cost for each member is about $120). Resulting in about $1.8 Million for your Destination Payout and times 5 in the 100% Match or 5 x $1.8 Million - do the math.

Imagine a Combined Cash Rally GPS Group (you and those below you efforts), of just 10 - 20 under you, all creating their Own Cash Rally GPS Destination Payouts - You could easily receive $200 - $1,600+ Every Single Day !!

Q: Do I get paid for free members and sitting on my butt?
A: Unfortunately, Walmart doesn't get paid if its customers do not make a purchase.

But, we are different. When you make a sale, you can only have 4 on The first Basic 4 Miles GPS Trip - any more will spill to your downline (they can earn passively by upgrading and receiving spillover and spillunder).

You retain the sponsorship of those who are passed to your downline as a result of your First Basic 4 Miles GPS Trip being filled (you earn a 100% match on all that they earn). Brilliant !!

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