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There are three main components that work in synergy to create personal cash flow

GPS Matrix

Tiny 5x1 Forced Matrix with auto re-entry

Our primary Get Paid System (GPS), is our unique forced matrix structure with Auto Re-entry.  It only takes 5 to fill and you are paid as you go.  It has some very unique features found only in Cash Rally GPS.  

We're not your typical GPS navigation. Our destination is CASH. Simply purchase a ticket, tell others, and sit back and let us navigate you to a Cash Rally for 2016.

Yes, passive members can earn here from spillover and it does occur whenever someone has more than 5 in their matrix.  And, there's more CASH for those who roll up their sleeves and refer others.  The GPS Match,...

GPS Match

50% on First, 100% Third, and 50% on Fith positions

Those who refer others are rewarded.  Introducing the GPS Match.  

You will earn a 50% Percent Matching Bonus on anyone you refer very first position filled.  You will also earn a 150% GPS Match on any one you refer third position filled.  A whopping 150%.  And there's even another, 50% on the fith position.

A position is defined as one of the five spots it takes to fill a 5x1 structure.  And, there's even more.  Get ready for completely passive cash with the GPS Bonus Pool,...

GPS Bonus Pool

A passive member's dream

Do passive members earn here?  Absolutely, they do.  Introducing the GPS Bonus Pool.

Every time 3 new members join Cash Rally GPS, One member will receive $10.  Completly passive cash.

No recruiting, No refering, Nothing!

And, we've made it easy to get paid over and over again and again.  There's an automatic re-entry every time you get paid so, you can get paid over and over again.  Completely passive cash here,...


One simple 5x1 Matrix, Spillover, Matching Bonuses, and Passive Cash.

Simple to explain comp plan that creates massive cash

Countdown To Massive Cash

Internet Driven

One penny doubled each day will make you a multi-millionaire in just over 30 days.

With the speed of the internet and sheer power of number duplication, our system will catapult your journey to massive success.

We don't deal in pennies.  We deal in Dollars and that, makes a lot of CENTS!

You now have in your hands the power to reach your wildest financial dreams.  Stop thinking so much, and actually Grow Rich!!


Ultra targeted display and text advertising on our high traffic network.  

You get 2200 ad credits for display banner ads and 2200 ad credits for text display ads..


Q. How much does it cost?
A. $20 plus $2 processing fee (one time payment)

Q. Refunds?
A. No Refunds.  Period.  If you cannot afford it, don't join.

Q. Spillover and Passive earning?
A. Yes, both occur

Q. Payment processors?
A. Payza and Solid Trust Pay

Q. How do I get paid?
A. Within 24 hrs of request


We are worldwide and open for business all around the world.  

We subscribe to those same principles the Chinese have used to create thousands of millionaires in the shortest times possible, "We All Work Together as One Big Team".


Shaping your financial future in our Get Paid System (GSP), family.

“its really very amazing this Cash Rally GPS. The Get Paid System is a hundred times better than doubling a penny a day for 30 days. We're talking about doubling dollars, a very big difference. Add in the bonuses for recruiters and even the completly passive cash for those who can't or don't recruit - This is a MAJOR player and different style of leadership in home business.”
“This is one of the most powerful cash cows to come down the pike in a very long time. It has substance, is easy to understand, will pay just about anyone who joins and is the most duplicatable Get Paid System (GPS), I have ever witnessed. It flat out works like a charm. Cheers.”
“At first glance, I thought - this is too good to be true. Then, I said why not? It's $20 bucks or a good pizza and soft drink deal. To date, I have more than made my investment back and actually on my way to amassing a pretty sizable cash flow. This has never happened for me, in my 8 years of online home business. Yes, I am working the program and the matching bonuses are killer. Get in this Cash Rally GPS now.”


We are not talking about pennies doubling, we're talking about dollars


One Big Family of Wealth Creation
$ 20$2 processing fee
One-time payment
  • 2200 Banner and Text Ad Credits
  • A Family of Movers and Passive Earners
  • Passive Cash - $10 GPS Bonus Pool